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really.. is there a slight possibility that we could be “sexy” as women without showing a bunch of skin to the world? that is my question for today.

" Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ. "



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" May your life preach more loudly than your lips. "






Any of you girls thought about giving some of your hotel toiletries to homeless shelters? I gave so much of it to my family and am thinking about giving this leftover pile to shelters. And it’s some pretty good stuff (a lot of L’Occitane, Co . Bigelow, Aveda, Bath & Body Works, Thann, ect.). I actually buy L’Occitane soap from Sephora for $12 a bar.

So here’s an idea for anyone interested.

What a great idea!

Woah. That’s brilliant. I’ll give mine to my local food pantry.

I volunteer at a homeless shelter and this is EXACTLY what we need. Most of our clients don’t carry much with them so they only use single-use products.

Especially in demand are single-use ethnic hair products, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and tooth paste.

This! 💗

" We must never rest until everything inside us worships God. "

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Pic of the "perfect ass"

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Look at that majestic bastard. 

sometimes i feel like people do not know how to back off and leave me alone. like really. if i decide to give up on something it is my “mistake”. not YOURS


yeah so what i reblog my own selfies

fight me

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